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A mother, personal development coach, writer and personal trainer, with a passion to inspire and motivate moms to take that step and start  feeling better about themselves and their postpartum bodies. With a degree in sport economics and ongoing studies in psychology, alongside a decade of experience, I possess the knowledge and skills to support you.

Hands on Stomach

Kardyah is a platform dedicated to moms who feel they've lost their body and identity to pregnancy; moms who are looking to find themselves, and harmony in their lives after giving birth, while also taking care of their bodies and minds. My mission is to guide and support women through the transformative journey (a.k.a matrescence) that motherhood is. Above all, Kardyah is here to provide a safe space for mothers to learn, connect, and empower themselves.

I understand the importance of fitness for both your physical and mental health, especially postpartum. After becoming a mother myself, I was faced with a body I no longer recognized. Struggling with significant weight gain during pregnancy, weakened strength, ab separation, and the demands of breastfeeding, all resulting in a feeling of powerlessness and no control over my own body. It was then that I realized the need to create Kardyah. When my mental health started interfering with my ability to be the mother I wanted to be for my daughter, I created tools that slowly but surely helped me get better again, tools that I would love to pass on to other mothers in similiar situations.

My aim is to help fellow moms understand and reconnect with their new bodies and minds.

Even with my professional experience, no one could have prepared me for matrescence and the unique challenges that come with it. I'm here to help, so that no other mother has to feel unseen, alone and misunderstood like I did.

Kardyah offers a range of resources, including a blog, as well as classes, books, and courses that will be available here in the near future, all designed to help mothers of all ages and stages develop the confidence, resilience, and strength required to get through the hardest hood: motherhood. The guidance you will find here covers not only fitness and nutrition but also maternal mental health. Topics such as shadow work, inner child healing, and reparenting yourself through journaling are explored, all while moving with life's rhythm.


I not only want to bridge the gap between your abs, but also between your mind and your body, as I believe they can’t be worked with when separated. I believe in strengthening not only the physical core but also the core of who you are: Your soul.

In conclusion, Kardyah is committed to providing holistic support for motherhood and personal growth, empowering mothers to embrace their bodies and who they are fully.

Let's reB.U.ild together


Your path to resilience, peace and confidence starts here...

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